Welcome to the Bloomington, Indiana

We meet weekly to discuss science fiction, fantasy, horror, and comic books.

We welcome everyone to attend our meetings. Bring a love of SF and a sense of humor. We don't always agree, but life is more fun that way.

Most weeks, we have our usual free-floating discussion meeting. Once a month, we meet to discuss a specific book; usually, this meeting is at the local Barnes & Noble bookstore.

Our next book meeting will be on July 31 2014 to discuss The Steerswoman by Rosemary Kirstein. It's out of print, but used copies appear to be readily available through AbeBooks, or you can try clicking the graphic at left to find used copies via Amazon.

The ebook of The Steerswoman is readily available from the usual sources. I recommend buying it through Smashwords to get it in every popular ebook format without DRM (and to give the author a bigger royalty) but if you prefer the convenience of Amazon, click the cover on the left.

Our next book meeting after that will be on August 28 2014 to discuss The Anubis Gates by Tim Powers. Click the cover image on the left to order a paper copy through Amazon.

The ebook of The Anubis Gates is available from the usual sources. Click the cover on the left to order a copy from Amazon's store.

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